Fury Player Agreement

Version 2020.10.1

1. This document defines the Fury Player Agreement (hereafter referred to as this "Agreement").

2. This Agreement is a contract between the two parties (a) Fury Games Pty Ltd (hereafter "Fury"); and (b) yourself (hereafter referred to as the "Player").

3. Fury makes available to the Player a collection of software and computer network services that includes the fury.games website, the Fury Games Launcher, and a series of video games with both downloadable end-user components and Fury-hosted server-based components for various operating systems. (hereafter this collection is referred to as the "Platform")

4. The Player shall only use the Platform while they hold an active Fury Account on the fury.games website. Creating a Fury Account requires agreeing to the terms of this Agreement. The Player can deactivate their Fury Account at any time via their My Account page on the fury.games website. (Deactivating a Fury Account does not release the Player from this Agreement.)

5. From time to time Fury may unilaterally create a new version of this Agreement that contains differences from the current version. A minimum period of 14 days notice shall be given to the Player via email that such a new version is coming into effect. If the Player holds an active Fury Account at the time a new version of this Agreement comes into effect, they agree to be bound by the terms of that new version of this Agreement, and that the terms of that new version shall supersede this Agreement. (If the Player is not satisfied with the terms of the new agreement, they may deactivate their account during the notice period.)

6. The Player shall be a natural person. Legal entities other than natural persons may not enter into this Agreement, nor create a Fury Account.

7. The Player shall be at least 13 years of age when entering into this agreement.

8. The Player shall provide accurate information during the Sign Up process of their Fury Account. While the Players Fury Account is active, the Player shall keep their account information accurate and up-to-date in a timely manner via the fury.games My Account page.

9. The Player shall not provide their Fury Account credentials to a third party. The Player shall not allow a third party to use the Platform, while signed in to the Players Fury Account. The Player shall make a reasonable effort to protect their Fury Account credentials from theft. The Player shall select a strong account password that is virtually impossible to guess. The Player shall not use someone elses Fury Account credentials to sign in to or use the Platform.

10. The Player shall not create multiple Fury Accounts. The Player shall hold at most one active Fury Account at one time.

11. The Player accepts that any payments made by the Player for use of the Platform are non-refundable. The Player is responsible for paying any applicable fees and taxes on any payments made via the Platform.

12. Aside from clearly marked private personal information (including such things as real name, date of birth, email address, passwords and payment information), the Player shall have no expectation of privacy with respect to their activity and communications on the Platform. The Players activity and communication on the Platform may be collected, stored, replayed and published by Fury in any channel, public or otherwise, at the sole discretion of Fury.

13. The Player shall not copy, distribute, reproduce or republish any part of the Platform to any third party.

14. The Player shall not create derivative works of any part of the Platform.

15. The Player shall not translate, reverse engineer, derive source code from, modify, disassemble, decompile any part of the Platform.

16. The Player shall not install any third party software that modifies the Platform or its behaviour. While using the Platform, the Player shall not use any third party software that enhances the Players performance or relevant abilities.

17. The Player shall not exploit any software flaws (bugs) discovered in the Platform.